Rules and Policies

About Us

It is our policy to maintain a well regulated public facility, operated with emphasis on the safety and good conduct of our patrons. Our rules and regulations are firmly and fairly enforced. Because of the normal risk of maintaining balance on skates, and the probability of occasional contact between skaters, accidents can and do happen. You must voluntarily assume the risk of injury when you skate. By entering our building you agree to abide by all rules and regulations.

Rink Policies

  • Toe stops or dance plugs are required for skates.
  • To prevent damage to our floor, your personal skates are subject to inspection. Be prepared to rent if your skates are dirty or damaged.
  • No smoking in the building, and no smoking on the property by a minor. Including e-cigarettes.
  • No gum chewing in the building by anyone.
  • No In and Out privileges.
  • No intoxication of any kind.
  • No food or beverage may be brought in to the building, with the exception of a store bought birthday cake with a scheduled party package.
  • We charge admission for everyone entering the building, with the exception of children under 2, and parents who are not skating.
  • Keyed lockers are available. Coats and shoes are not permitted in the Snack Bar area. We are not responsible for lost or stolen item.
  • Foul language will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the rink.
  • Caution! We use a water-based fog system and special effect lighting including strobe lights.

Dress Code

Neatness and cleanliness of all patrons is required. No clothing that could be considered distasteful to our family environment will be allowed.

  • No bare feet. Socks are required for skate rental. We do have socks for sale.
  • Hats, scarves, bandannas, or headwear may be worn when skating but must be tight fitted. Helmets are permitted.
  • No loose clothing that might get caught in the wheels, or trip the skater. Clothing must be proper fitting.

Skater Rules Of Conduct

  • Anyone who does not practice safe skating may be asked to leave.
  • No pushing, tripping or playing tag.
  • No fast skating, faster than the average flow of traffic, and in a manner hazardous to other skaters.
  • No squatting except during a designated special skate.
  • No stopping along the wall. Skaters must attempt to keep moving at all times.
  • No eating or drinking over the half wall surrounding the skating surface, or on the skating floor.
  • No sitting on or climbing over the half wall surrounding the skating floor.
  • No climbing or sitting on the corner stages.
  • Jumps, spins, or dancing are to kept to the center of the floor, and at the discretion of management.

Prices and times are subject to change without notice. Final interpretation of rules and regulations is made by management. We gladly accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, cash.